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Hula Bags

      Hula Bags are hand crafted one of a kind bags. They are all reversible bags with totally different patterns on the inside. Most bags are themed around Hawaiian prints and colorful tie-dies. Each handle is hand stuffed with polyester fiber, which makes our bags machine washable. We only use fabrics with great quality and durability. Our Hula Bags are made with 3 yards of fabric, double stitched handles, and side elastics for expandable insides. It takes approximately 2 ½ hours to create just 1 Hula Bag. We have been creating Hula bags for over 5 years.

     All Hula bags are the same size and can hold up to 25 pounds. The stuffed handles make carrying heavier objects comfortable and easy. They are great gifts for college students to use as a book bags. Also good to use as baby bags, beach bags, carrying groceries, etc.

 When purchasing a Hula Bags please keep in mind that fabric patterns are limited. So we suggest that you choose your fabric based on colors and styles. Before shipping the bags we will send you an email with pictures of different fabric patterns we have in stock that best describe your request. 

Most bags will be made with these 2 different styles of fabrics within the bags.

1. Aloha Print flower patterns: (Plumeria,Hibiscus,Tahian Tiare, bird of paradise)-In different colors.


2. Tye-dies:(Swirls,flowers,shapes,etc.)-In different colors

To place you order please email us with your ideal Hula Bag discription


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